Restaurants and Outlets



Access Exquisite - Cuisine for the discerning palates

The ACACIA Country and Golf Club Lifestyle is catered by gourmet dining facilities, where the connoisseurs of good food will come for the taste while the rest will inhabit it for the pleasure of presence alone.

Casual and fine dining experiences are a thing to savor at our restaurants where celebrity chefs will whip up enticing and appetizing delights to please the most discerning palates.

The Horse Shoe

Rest, revive and relax at ACACIA’s custom built clubhouse - a luxurious facility, equipped with modern amenities in an exceptionally well-designed physical structure. It provides both golfers and visitors the ultimate escape from the bustle of big city life, a place to unwind in an atmosphere of electric serenity. All this and more, the clubhouse is in itself a reason to be seen at ACACIA.